Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday DIY and a quest!

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OK, now on to my Tuesday DIY!! I was blog stalking this morning and saw a cute idea about ways to organize listening centers. I saw a super cute idea at Sweet Life of Teaching and was inspired! Its super simple, just print off the tags and hook them onto a tote bag with the book(s), CD(s), and a personal CD player. The students can then just grab a bag, find a spot and listen to reading! Now, since I am not paid during the summer (I know SHOCKER!!!) a so we are on a tight budget over the summer. That being said I really wanted to do this for my listening centers. I decided that I would go to Wal-Mart and just price the tote bags and personal CD players and then when hubby gets paid I might be able to pick up a couple.

I was sad that I couldn't find ANY cute colorful tote bags that would work for what I wanted and as I was leaving the craft section the fabric section caught my eye. So I went over and was looking at the remnants they had on clearance and again that little voice in my head (just like with the cushions for the crates) said "HEY you could totally MAKE some tote bags!!"

Now apparently that little voice in my head forgets that I am NOT a real crafty person. My mom used to sew up a storm and was always trying to teach me but I was just never really interested, why should I lean how to sew, you can buy pillows and clothes and all that other stuff at the store! Boy I wish I would have listened and learned. Anyway, that voice in my head, which I swear is my mom LOL, kept yelling at me that I could totally do this! So I thought "OK well I have a sewing machine and the voice WAS right about the crate cushions, I did make those and they came out SUPER cute, and besides what's a tote bag  except a pillow with one end open and no stuffing, right?? LOL

So I bought some really cute fabric remnants and then I thought "ugghhh tote bags have to have handles, I can't do handles" so I put the material back and was walking out of the isle when, and I SWEAR this happened (all the more reason I think the voice is my mom) my purse bumped a display a spool of large ribbon fell off the shelf, this was super cute ribbon that matched the fabric  remnants perfectly!! I was putting it bad on the shelf, and admiring how cute it was when DING DING DING, I realized I could use the ribbon as the handles!!! So I went back and grabbed the fabric.

I got home, pulled out my sewing machine and I am SO proud of myself because I made 2 pretty darned good tote bags!! They aren't perfect but they are cute and they will do the job! The remnant fabric I bought actually came with a total of 2 pieces of fabric so I can make 2 more bags, I need to go back and get more ribbon though because I only bought enough for 2 bags. I am so proud of myself I can't believe I made 2 tote bags! My mom would be so proud!

Here are some pictures of my accomplishments!
Here they are, I made these!!
I know one is longer than the other but its ok, it gives it character LOL

This is the ribbon handles! LOVE the polka dots! I still can't believe I did this!
This is an up close look at the fabric - I just love the swirls and polka dots!

The other fabric that I am going to use for the other 2 bags is really pretty too (see below) - I think I will get pink or blue ribbon for the handles although the green would be cute too, so would yellow and orange! So many options with this fabric!

So that's my DIY for today! Now for my quest! I am on a quest to find 3 - 4 personal CD players for my classroom that don't cost a fortune! I went to Wal-Mart and Best Buy today and the cheapest one I found was $20!!! Back a few years you could get them for like $5 each!!! I am desperate to find these for less than $10 each! Does anyone know where I could look? I think I am going to check out Big Lots tomorrow but I am not holding out much hope since they never seem to have what I am looking for. I just want the simple little CD player with the headphones.  Any ideas where to look??


  1. I would try Amazon. Your bags are so cute!!I have been wondering what to do with my left over fabric from decorating my bulletin boards and making the crate seats...I also found some in the giveaway pile at school that I just HAD to have, yet had no use for. Perfect idea, I'll make tote bags!! Yay!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

    1. They were SO easy to make!!! Because I folded the material in half I only had to sew 2 sides! I sewed the handles on first because I thought they would be tricky but nope, just pinned them in place and a little back and forth sewing and viola handles! LOL I am super excited that I actually found 3 brand-new-in-the-package CD players with headphones on eBay for only $9 each so I bought all 3 of them! Can't wait to see your bags! I will post pics of my other 1 or 2 when I get them made!

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    1. Glad you found me! I'll head on over to your little corner of the bloggy world and follow you too!

  3. You did such a great job! I love the colors and the ribbon!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I am heading out to Wally World in just a few minutes to try to find some cute ribbon to go with the flowery fabric. I am now hooked on sewing these little things and am trying to figure out how else I can use tote bags in my classroom LOL.

  4. Hi. I agree...those bags are adorable! Hope you are having a good day! I have given you an award for your blog. Pick it up from my blog and follow the instructions. :)
    Chris Kazanjian
    The Kinder"garden" Teacher