Monday, July 16, 2012

Cooking With Books Linky!!!!

Recently I posted about my school doing after school clubs for all grade levels and I asked for ideas from all you great teaching minds out in bloggy world and I received some really great ideas! I am actually going to be hosting TWO after school clubs for kinders at my school. One is for littles who are struggling with letters and sounds and we will be doing an ABC club and the other is going to be called Cooking With Books. This one is the one that is proving to be by far my favorite idea but also my most challenging one as well. This club will meet once a week for 30 minutes and in that time we will read a short picture book and then make an easy snack to go along with it. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas and have found some that are REALLY cute and easy but not nearly enough for the whole school year. SOOOOOO I thought this would make for a super fun Linky Party where we can all share some of our favorite snacks that go some of our favorite picture books!!! The only rule is that you provide the book name along with the ingredients and the directions for making the snack! That's it! If you have a picture that would be great but it is not required!

SO I will go first (obviously LOL) and share 2 of the snacks I found to be SUPER cute and easy to make.

1. Apple and grape cars to go with Go Dog Go
-Needed for each child
 1 apple wedge
 2 grapes
 2 toothpicks
 plastic knife (depending on the age of the children)

Directions: Either you or the child can cut the the grapes in half, to make the four tires, then they simply push the toothpicks through the apple at the front and back and stick a half of a grape on each side of the toothpick and there you have it! 

2. Striped Hats to go with The Cat in the Hat
 - Needed for each child
  1 Oreo cookie (Double Stuff work the best)
  3 Red Lifesaver gummies
  1 plastic knife
*you also need 1 carton of white frosting, each child will get a small scoop to use.  

Directions: Have the students open up the Oreo cookie, they will use the side with the creme as the base. The child will place one of the gummies on the Oreo, then they will use the plastic knife to put a small amount of white frosting on top of the gummie, then place another gummie on the frosting and repeat the saw step for the third gummie. 

Now it's your turn!! Link up with us and get some great ideas for some super fun book inspired snacks!! I don't know about you but I am going to make a special Pinterest board to save all the great snack ideas we are going to get!! I can't wait to see what you all will share! I hope we get a LOT of great snack ideas!!


  1. I LOVE the club idea!! And cooking with books! Do you only invite the students that need extra help or can all students "join"? Who will cover the cost for the food and crafts? I am very interested in starting this at my school. Such a great idea.

    1. Jana, this is all new to me so I am not 100% sure how it will work. I have a friend at my school who is working on her Master's Degree in Ed Leadership so she has spent a great deal of time at the school this summer with our principal in planning for the upcoming school year and she told me that we would be doing these clubs. So, being the teach geek that I am LOL, I started trying to come up with great ideas for kinders. I know that some of the clubs will be specifically for struggling students and some will be open to all students, but with a cap on the number of students. I believe that Cooking With Books will be open to any kinder. As for the supplies, our principal is very good with her budget so we are thinking she may purchase (or reimburse) for the supplies. If its not doable in the budget then we will ask fr parent donations. I teach at one of the top elementary schools in our district so we have a very high level of parental involvement. I can't take credit for the idea, Stephanie from MaMa Goose's KinderGarden ( gave me the idea!