Saturday, July 14, 2012

More about Owls, my school clubs, and an Inky Linky

OK I am SUPER DUPER excited about the school clubs next year! Thanks to Stephanie over at MaMa Goose's KinderGarden (go check her out!!!!) I have volunteered to do TWO clubs for kinders! I am going to do an ABC Club where we will do a craft each week based on a different letter sound each week. AND I am doing, what I think is going to be a BIG hit (thank you Stephanie for such an awesome idea!!!!) Cooking with Books club!!! I am going to do a read aloud and then have the kids make a simple snack that goes along with the book. In order to tie it in to the Common Core standards, nonfiction reading, and text features, I am going to make a "recipe card" for each student to use as they assemble their  snack. Then I will keep those recipe cards and (as per Stephanie's idea) make them into a "cook book" that the child gets at the end of the year! So now what I am trying to find are super easy snacks to make and books that correlate with them so if you would like to share any ideas or pins from Pinterest that would work for this I would really appreciate it!!

I was asked about my organizational binder and thought I would answer here. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but I can describe my binder. I use a 1.5" binder, in the front I put a zipper pencil pouch for money and small notes. My school provides us with a folder and a planner to put in the binder. They go right behind the zipper pouch. The folder has 2 pockets, one labeled "Send back to school" and one labeled ""Keep at Home."  I use the planner to write notes to parents and I use it to let the parents know how their child had behaved that day (I use a happy, straight, or sad face). Then behind the folder and the agenda, there is a pocket divider for homework. FInally in the very back there is a section for resources. I put a copy of sight words and anything else I feel might be needed for review or practice at home.

Next up, as I mentioned in my last post  have become OBSESSED with cute little owls! I posted pictures of my OWL Book cover and my table signs, then last night I created my reading rotation cards and the pieces that I am going to put outside my room welcoming my class to my room!

Check them out!!

Here are a couple of my rotation cards:
I made these in each of 4 colors - red, blue, green, and yellow.
On the one that says the group color,  I will write the names of the students in each group.
Listening/Computer rotation

Seat Work and work station

Here is my welcome display: The name is my 19 year old son's name LOL I want to try to figure out how to make this into a banner but I am just not that techy yet I guess

I am going to put each little one's name on a chalkboard

I'm not real sure I love the "banner" graphics yet,  I feel like they are too redundant so I may have to change them up a little.

Finally I am linking up with Mr. B's Beach Brains for his Teacher's Inky Linky. Its a linky party all about... teacher's tattoos {gasp} LOL

Tattoos aren't as taboo as they have been in the past and even though for years and years I said I wouldn't get one I did. As you can see in the picture mine is a yellow rose with a black banner that says "La Belle Vie" which is French for "A Beautiful Life"

I got mine in memory of my mom who passed away at the very young age of 54 years old. I was only 23 when I lost her and I had just begun to realize what an amazing woman she was. My mother's favorite flower  was the yellow rose, she always said "I would rather have a single yellow rose than a dozen red ones" so in the 20 years that my mom has not been with us the yellow rose has become our family symbol for her. Every major family event, graduations, weddings, births, etc a yellow rose is always included. All 4 of the girls in our family (we are a very boy heavy family) has a tattoo of a yellow rose. My sister and her daughter have a single yellow rose on their shoulders, my daughter has a yellow rose, and a pink rose (which is my favorite flower) on her foot, and mine is on my lower left leg.  I am going to get one more and then I am finished. My son is preparing himself to become a tattoo artist and he has designed my next one, it is a dream catcher with a yellow rose blooming through the middle. My father is in a nursing home and he is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer, so this tattoo is to honor his Native American heritage, which he was always very proud of, and in memory of my mother.  Here is a rough sketch he drew up for me:

Ok now it's your turn to link your ink! but there are a few ground rules:
1. Please use good judgment when posting pictures of your tat. If it's in a place where we have no business looking at it, then please don't. If it contains profanity or other vulgarities, please do not post it. 

2. Please DO share your pic and story as to why you got it and what it symbolizes. 


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mom! Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for linking up! Be sure to link up on my Bodacious Blogs page so I (and many others) can easily find your blog! :)

    Mr. B's Beach Brains

  2. Those clubs sound like so much fun! I agree, I think the cooking club will be quite popular! Do your clubs have a weekly meeting?
    Also, I love your ink. I also posted on the Inky Linky but I love the meaning behind your tattoos.

    I am your newest follower!
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten

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