All About Me

Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a kindergarten teacher in Orlando, FL. I was born and raised in Orlando (I am a rare breed indeed LOL). I have been teaching for 13 years. I have taught 3rd grade, 4th grade, and kindergarten. My passion is teaching kindergarten. I have spent 9 of my 13 years teaching kindergarten. Every once in a while I get a wild idea that I need to try something new and I try a different grade level but I always find my way back to kindergarten.

My Family: I have been married to my wonderful husband Gary since 1992 and we have 4 great kids and 2 beautiful granddaughters. My husband's daughter, Caroline lives in California with her husband and 2 daughters, our daughter Ashley lives about 2 hours south of us in South Florida and she also teaches kindergarten. Ours oldest boy Bobby is on the path to become a law enforcement officer, and our "baby" Garrett is preparing to enter college, where he will major in art and he plans to become a tattoo artist.

My Life: Right now my life consists of teaching, being mom to 3 adult kids, being a wife, and being a caregiver for my dad. My dad is 79 years old and in in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's Disease. I recently had to place him in a nursing home. He is only about 15 minutes away from me so I spend a lot of time visiting him. I don't know how much time I have left with him so the time I do get to spend with him is very precious to me. He doesn't really know who I am but when he sees me he knows I "belong" to him and he is always very happy to see me.

Spare time... what's that? Well in the small about of spare time I do have I like to go to yoga class, go to the beach with my hubby, and I like to make things to use in my classroom for either organization or center activities. Please check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking on HERE

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