Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is why I can't ever have a theme!

I was on my way to Lakeshore to get my clip chart, my Marzano scale, and some posters laminated and well of course I had to drive right past a different Target than the one in my neighborhood, and it has a Starbucks inside it so it was totally impossible to drive past it, my car just turned right into the parking lot! I decided to pop in and see if they had anything different than the one I went to on Monday. I found some cute stuff! Check it out!

My Target haul from today

An ABC puzzle and an animal baby puzzle

Saw these and had to grab them - Just regular old ABC flashcard but then also blends and digraphs flashcards!

OK, so now THIS is why I can't have a theme! I have seen so many people doing an owl theme this year and I thought about it but I couldn't find anything I really liked. Then today I am at Target and what do I see but these absolutely adorable owl rugs!! They will look SO cute in my reading area!! Now I am totally wishing I would have gone with the owl theme LOL I am SO wishy washy when it comes to my classroom decor. That's why I just go with cute! I can never limit myself to just one type of cute!! OK so how cute are these rugs???? They were in the Dollar Spot but they were $3 each, still a great deal!!

On a final note, I have added 3 new files to my TPT store

I uploaded the Marzano Scale I plan to use in my classroom pictured below - Click the picture to take you straight to that page in my TPT store

I also created a simple header and letter cards for my word wall and have placed that on TPT as well again click on either picture to take you straight to the page in my store

Finally,  I also decided to bundle all my word family flip books into one file and put the bundle on TPT as well so you can get all 15 word family flip books in one file, and right now they are on sale for only $8!! Click on any of the sample pictures below to take you straight to the TPT page.


  1. I love your Target finds!! Those owl carpets are the cutest!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. You found some great stuff at Target! I need to go there now!