Monday, May 21, 2012

So much STUFF!!!

Two years ago, when I left kindergarten (after teaching it for 8 years)  to teach 4th grade, I had 2 very good friends who are also kinder teachers, who agreed to store all my kindergarten materials in case I decided to return to kinder or in case my daughter (who is a new teacher) needed it. I told them that if they stored it for me they could also use it so they agreed. Well today I finished packing up ALL my kindergarten stuff. I had NO idea how much STUFF one teacher can collect over the course of 8 years!! 

This is JUST my kindergarten stuff!!
This is JUST my kindergarten stuff that my friends have been storing

More Kinder tuff - those red crates are PACKED with all my picture books

I have been told by my new principal that I can begin to bring my things over to my new classroom during post planning and as I look at everything I am beginning to wonder if my husband and sons' pick up trucks are going to be enough - I think I might need to rent a U-Haul LOL

I have been packing up my classroom - as well as my kindergarten stuff, and I am starting to feel overwhelmed! As I am packing up my room (mind you we still have 12 days of school left - I am THAT excited about going back to Kinder LOL) and as I am packing I keep thinking "oh my gosh, I still have so much to pack and then I have to UNPACK it all in my new classroom!!" I am SO excited to be returning to Kinder but I am also VERY overwhelmed with moving 12 years worth of teaching to a new school! AGHHHH!!! 

So far ALL my kinder stuff is packed and MOST of my current classroom stuff is also packed and this is what my 2 corners looked like at the end of the day 

Its growing right out of the corner!

oh my! SO much STUFF!!

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