Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shopping and Imagine It!

I still can not get over how excited I am about returning to kindergarten next year. I still have a ton of stuff from my previous 8 years of teaching Kindergarten so I didn't need a lot. I did need to replace some thing that I gave my daughter - who is in her first year teaching and she teaches 1st grade - SOOOOO I went to the Lakeshore store today. My sweet daughter sent me a $50 Visa gift card for my birthday and I used that at Lakeshore (plus some more LOL) I got some really cute things! I also order some stuff from Trend and Carson Dellosa.

Now in the 8 years I spent teaching kindergarten we have used Houghton Mifflin, next year at my new school we will be using Imagine It! I have never taught Imagine It! but I have heard great things about it. The part that has me a little confused is the small group part so I would love to find out how other teachers who use this program, format their reading block.


  1. Welcome to the bloggy-blog world! I totally dig your site's name . . . it makes me giggle! I am following you . . . pop in for a visit if you find a moment :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. Kelly I'm so glad you found my blog and I love that you like the name! It took me forever to come up with one that I liked that wasn't already taken. I am going to check yours out right now!! I have actually been blogging for about a year now but just started this one. I have been teaching 4th grade for the past 2 years and had a 4th grade blog. Now I am headed back to kindergarten so I created this one :-)